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Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Ethiopia: What to See, Eat, and Where to Stay?

Welcome to Ethiopia, the magnificent country on the Horn of Africa. Its incredible mix of culture, astonishing landscapes, and natural wonders make this place a destination unlike any other.

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Welcome to Ethiopia, the magnificent country on the Horn of Africa. Its incredible mix of culture, astonishing landscapes, and natural wonders make this place a destination unlike any other. If you are ready to witness its beauty, buckle your seatbelt, and let's begin the adventure!

Ethiopia contains more than 70 percent of the mountains in Africa and is home to a youthful population and booming cities. The nation, which is also called Cradle of Mankind, has ancient cultures like the city of Axum and a lot of churches and museums. Visiting this country will let you discover amazing landscapes such as the multicolored salt flats and lava lake of the Erta Ale volcano in the Danakil Depression. The country's robust cultural history is what makes it attractive to travelers.

Let's start our adventure in Addis Ababa (meaning "new flower"), the capital of Ethiopia which is often referred to as the Political Capital of Africa because it is the African Union's headquarters. This pretty city is home to a variety of authentic restaurants and theaters where both locals and tourists can enjoy their leisure time.

Here are what you should not miss when you visit Ethiopia.

Harar Jugol

The culture and architecture in Harar are Islamic. The place is considered one of the holiest cities in Islam together with Jerusalem, Mecca, and Medina. But Harar's appeal is more than just religion. Here, you can experience an interesting and super friendly culture.

Omo Valley

If you want to escape the modern world for a while, Omo Valley should be on your bucket list. This place in the southwest is home to tribes that are excluded from modern life. The groups have different cultures and customs but you will see that the Mursi women look the same. They have pierced lower lips (with large clay discs) and they wear bull horns as earrings. The Omo Valley truly sounds refreshing.

Time to try communal eating!

I'm sure you have tried some Ethiopian food from Ethiopian restos where you live, but you cannot compare the taste of their dishes when you eat it right here in Ethiopia. Their vegetarian and vegan stews are usually served communally. You can share it with your friends or family members. And if you are a coffee lover, you will absolutely fall in love with their aromatic brewed coffee served in tiny cups.

Danakil Depression "Getaway to Hell"

Its nickname must be scary but do not let it stop you from visiting this remarkable place. You must see the stunning scorched plains and the patchwork of active underground volcanoes, sulfuric lakes, and salt fields. Its average temperature reaches 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Wow. The hottest place on earth, indeed. Don't worry, this land is typically visited by camel caravans so you can still witness its beauty and you won't experience the heat all by yourself.

Ababa’s Villa Guest House or Sarem International Hotel

We recommend you to check out these hotels if you want to enjoy a relaxing rest-time after a day full of fun and adventure (and eating!).

Limalimo Lodge

This lodge will surely be one of your favorite spots in Ethiopia. They feature 12 rooms that look like wooden jewel boxes that offer a stunning view od the rugged Simien Mountains National Park. With its serenity and refreshing beauty, you can definitely reconnect with nature. Aside from the panoramic view, you can enjoy delicious breakfasts here.

Is Ethiopia already included in your bucket list? If not, you should put it there already. This country is truly a magical destination that every traveler wants to explore and experience. We would love to know your thoughts. Share it with us in the comment section! :)