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What's It Like to Travel the World as a Black Woman and How to Deal With Racism?

Going on a trip should only make you prepare for the essentials that you will be bringing along, how much money do you need, which hotel will you stay in, and what travel guide to follow.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Let's face the truth. For black women or black people in general, traveling to other countries means overcoming invisible obstacles. Going on a trip should only make you prepare for the essentials that you will be bringing along, how much money do you need, which hotel will you stay in, and what travel guide to follow. But as a black woman, you need to prepare for another thing. What if people there are racist? How can I deal with it? No one wants to receive rude comments or even just stares from strangers but whether we like it or not, it just happens. Sadly, Africans and African-Americans are still considered "exotic" in some parts of the world. It can be a good thing sometimes, but hey, it can be exhausting too.

In this article, we will give you tips on how you can deal with racism when you are traveling the world.

Always, always take precautions.

Putting your safety first is the most important thing to remember when traveling abroad. As a black woman, you have to take a thousand precautions in a new place. It is much better if you can travel with other black women so you can look out for each other. it is also helpful to carry pepper spray and other self-defense tools for non-lethal protection. Also, make emergency contact in each place you are in. And always try to be calm. I know how annoying and horrible it is if someone yells racist slurs at you but whenever that happens, relax and do not engage.

Stares don't always equal hate, it can just be a look of awe.

If a white person stares at a black woman in the United States, a fight can start. But not in other parts of the world. In some countries, especially Asian countries, people are awed by black people so prepare yourself to be treated like a celebrity. I know that can be uncomfortable but those people are just motivated by curiosity and amazement, so you will find yourself interacting with them easier.

Prepare for worst-case scenarios.

When we are traveling, we do not want to expect or even think about bad things that may happen. But it is crucial to prepare yourself for whatever unpleasant thing that may happen while you are in a foreign place. You can use backup apps in case some hosts on Airbnb do not want to rent to black people. You can always sign up for NoirBnb. Get Moovn if you are having difficulty getting an Uber. Also, it will be helpful if you check some black-owned travel business abroad. Trust me, doing this will make your travel easier.

Before your travel date, read other black women's blogs about their travel experiences.

I'm sure there are some black women who share their travel experiences on their blog site. Learn what kind of racism they have experienced and how they handled the situation. But be ready to be hooked by the blogs cause black women are so creative and their blogs are so interesting that you might find yourself reading them even when you are not traveling.

Learn about the country's customs before going there.

You don't want the people in the country you are visiting to stare at you because you are not following their customs and have no idea of it. So, before you travel, it is best to search first the etiquette, slang, and dress code of the country you are visiting. For example, if you are going to Venezuela, make sure you do not arrive at an event on time so they won't think you are greedy.

Lastly, never let racism drag you down.

Dealing with racism can really be draining. It will make you feel lonely and discriminated against. You will even feel homesick especially if you are in another country. But girl, do not let racism stop you. Travel the world, chase your dreams, do what you love. Keep in mind that you have the right to discover and explore the world, learn new things, and make friends with other people.

I hope these tips will help you deal with racism in case you encounter it when you are traveling. Go explore the world!

We would love to know your thoughts. Share it with us in the comment section. :)

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