If you have not taken a black woman on a date before, do not assume it would just be like dating any other girl. Cause, dude, it is definitely not. I cannot say dating a black woman would be easy, cause we can be a little complicated. Do not be scared yet, not all black women are the same, of course. Each black woman has a unique personality and perspective about dating, but there are some things we can agree on. If you think you are serious about this lass you met, then you should keep these little-known truths about dating black women in mind.

First things first, our guard is 100% up.

I assume you know why. Black women do not always get the love they deserve. Not the whole world is kind to black women so we keep battling the stereotypes of being an angry black woman. Do not get me wrong, we are open to dating but just keep in mind that our guard is always up. And keeping our guards up does not mean we are pushing you away, we are just being defensive.

Expect to discuss race.

Whether you are a black man dating a black woman, or you are dating outside of your race, expect that race will come up in the relationship. Do not fret, cause discussing race can be a means of bonding for both of you. It is a vital topic and you cannot set this aside especially when you are trying to build something with the woman you are dating.

Understand that we do not want to be strong all the time.

You know, black women are always seen and described as strong. And we are not against that. Being described as strong is actually a compliment but it just gets tiring sometimes when it is always required to us, black women. We know we are strong and we like it. We just do not want to be strong all the time. We want a relationship where we can be vulnerable with someone else-- with someone who can come through for us when we need them. We are all just human, yes, black women are strong, but you have to allow us to be vulnerable every once in a while.

Keep your hands off our hair. I repeat, keep your hands off our hair.

One of the most important things you should know about black women: hair is a BIG deal. You probably have encountered black women rocking their natural gorgeous curls, braided 'fro, extensions, wigs, weaves, and whatever style they prefer. But no matter how stunning you think our hair is, DO NOT TOUCH IT. I know, I know, you are just awed by how beautiful our tresses are and you did not intend to disrespect, but whatever your intentions are, we are just going to take it as a form of disrespect. So, just keep your hands off. Don't be saddened by that shocking news, we can still talk about it. You can ask us about the nuances of black hair. That topic is not off-limits.

Never think we only listen to hip hop and R&B.

Just like you, we, black women, are aware of and have access to other music in the world. We do not only listen to hip hop and R&B. So if music is your thing, it can be something we can bond over. We can spend hours just vibing with each other on what music we like.

Do not call us by anything other than our name.

This is something men should understand when they want to date a black woman. Maybe for some women, catcalling is flattery but for most black women, it kind of feels like harassment. Just call us by our name, or if you do not know our name yet, ask. Just do not call us anything else, period.

Dating a black woman does not have to be difficult. All you have to do is be understanding and open to new people and new experiences because everyone is different whether you are dating within your race or out of it.

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