In case you are wondering, it is not easy for black women to search for a romantic partner. The pressure to create a pair bond and get married is persistent. But there are some important things African-American women consider before they dive into a relationship. We will not make you wait any longer, I know you want to know the truth about black women's attitudes toward love, dating, and marriage. So here they are.

Where do black women usually find dating partners?

Based on the research/Question Pro study done by Ebony, 25% of their black women respondents said that they meet men through friends. 12% of black women stated that social clubs are the best places to meet the right guy, and another 12% of the respondents believed churches or mosques are where they meet men. Some black women thought they find potential partners on dating sites or social media networks. A few black women admitted that they meet their dating partners at work.

Do black women like to have interracial relationships?

The Ebony QuestionPro study on What Women Want: Love, Marriage, and Dating also covered interracial relationships. Those who prefer marrying men of another race are those of Hispanic descent. And guess what? A majority of the respondents (71 percent) stated that they are not attracted to men with lighter skin. Maybe these black women think being in a relationship with someone with the same culture is smoother and more comfortable than dating a guy of another race.

Here are other things black women want in a relationship.

  • Consistency is the key.

Many African-American women want consistency. Well, who doesn't? We just want men to call or show when they say they will, and we hope they do not change after a few dates. Don't you just hate it when everything changes suddenly? Like, calls and texts get fewer and your guy starts to be less sweet? Ugh.

  • Honesty is always, always the best policy.

The truth hurts, they say. But black women (or at least some) want men to tell the truth no matter what. Admitting a mistake or a not-so-good revelation is okay than telling more lies and covering up the previous lies. The latter just don't gain respect.

  • Action over false promises and sweet words.

There are men who are great communicators and really good at sweet-talking but do not know how to keep their words. Usually, girls who are dating those kinds of men end up being disappointed by broken promises. Most black women want less talk, more action.

  • Same-sex marriage is fine.

Black women's views on LGBTQ issues seem to evolve as many Afro women approve of same-sex marriage. Well, there is nothing wrong with going into a relationship with the same sex as long as you are both happy and comfortable with each other.

  • Afro women just want men to recognize their strength.

Okay, we know sometimes we seem a bit too forceful, but we will appreciate it if you tell us about it so we can correct that and both of us will be comfortable with each other. We may seem headstrong but we just want to feel we are worthy, capable, and that we belong.

  • Is a proper date too much to ask?

I think black women are not alone in wanting a proper first date. And by "proper", we mean us going or dining out somewhere, not me cooking for you at my place. No, most of us black women are not open to Netflix and chill on the first date. Don't get me wrong, we will definitely welcome you happily at our place and cook meals for you when the relationship gets a bit serious or steady. Just not on the first date.

Many people think black women are choosy because most prefer to be single than to end up and get stuck in a wrong and toxic relationship. Well, who wants to be in a toxic relationship? We simply want to be heard, protected, cared for, and loved. Again, is that too much to ask?

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