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Tips to Grow Dreadlocks With Short Afro Hair

Have you ever wanted to twist your hair so you can also rock fashionable dreadlocks but your hair is so short and you have no idea how the hell can you achieve a hairstyle like that?

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Have you ever wanted to twist your hair so you can also rock fashionable dreadlocks but your hair is so short and you have no idea how the hell can you achieve a hairstyle like that? Can you grow dreadlocks naturally or do you have to twist your hair until it looks like that? This might be your lucky day cause I have good news for you. I will tell you the secret of how you can achieve this amazing hairstyle. All you need is patience-- lots of it.

Dreadlock is one of the most stylish hairstyles known by various cultures all over the world. No wonder why many people want to achieve this look. To get you started, here are the things that you will be needing to do your dreadlocks.

If you have tried to twist your hair before, you probably know by now that growing dreadlocks is not simple. You need many things in order to have tight, gorgeous locks. You can buy a pre-made starter kit or make your own kit by having a dreadlock wax, dread sponge, dreadlock shampoo (bar or liquid form is alright), dreadlock conditioner, rubber bands for holding your dreads if you have type 3 hair, and rattail comb.

Here are some techniques you can do to create short hair dreadlocks.

Twisting method

This is a manageable technique where you just have to part your hair using a comb. Take a small section of your hair using the comb and make one0inch size squares. Secure the squares with elastic bands and put some dread-locking cream or gel into the sections. Then, insert a rattail comb at the roots of your hair and pull your hair by twisting the comb until the end of your hair. Make sure that you keep the hair in the comb teeth while twisting. Make dreads across the head in a horizontal direction with one-inch spacing in between the dreads. Get all your hair dreaded by continuing to do the same thing on your hair. Now you just have to wait for your dreads to dry naturally for about three hours. You can also use a hairdryer to get rid of the moisture from the dreads. This method is so effective for those with short hair.

Brushing method

If you have hair that is less than three inches, then this technique is perfect for you. You will be needing a dread sponge or a hairbrush with soft bristles. Just brush your hair into smaller sections or small balls. The sponge's holes will gather your hair and make partings. When you have created sections, use some dread wax or gel to lock them in place. Now hold the small sections using elastic bands. Just make sure it is not too tight so you won't feel discomfort. Let your hair rest and dry naturally for about three hours. Just like with the twisting method, you can also use a hairdryer.

Locking from the braids.

If you have highly-textured and short afro hair. use this technique. The braids can help hold the hair. Sectioning your hair can help you adjust the size of the dreads you want. It can also form neat dreads.

How to find a loctician in case you want to have your dreadlocks done by a specialist?

If this is the first time you have heard about a loctician, allow me to tell you what is it. A loctician is a hairstylist who specializes in dreadlocks. A loctician can start your dreads for you or give you advice on what products to use and how to do and maintain your dreads. So if you think you cannot do it alone, you can find a loctician at WhereToGetDreads. Here, you can view a list of locticians in your area. You will know if he or she is a good loctician if that person shows a professional portfolio, has a neat salon, has an online presence and good reviews, and suggests installing test locks first to know if you are very much ready to do it.

So, when you plan to start rocking classy and fashionable dreadlocks?

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