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Tips For Staying Safe and Having Fun While Solo Traveling as a Black Woman

Solo traveling can be ultimate in self-indulgence because you can totally rest and be on your own while admiring the beauty of nature, different cultures, and various places.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Solo traveling can be ultimate in self-indulgence because you can totally rest and be on your own while admiring the beauty of nature, different cultures, and various places. Solo traveling gives you the opportunity to do just that-- being on your own in a new place. It helps you leave the screens behind and experience the world. Sounds fun and relaxing, right? But traveling alone can be intimidating too, especially for first-timers.

It can be terrifying to go out into the world on your own. But what if you really want to go on a vacation to relax but your friends are not available. You might say you will just wait till they can go with you, but here's another scenario. What if you and your friends already planned your vacation and everything is all set up until the day of your trip and suddenly everyone starts to cancel. I am sure you do not want to cancel the trip this time cause you have already put too much effort into it. So, yes, solo travel it is. If you are worried about traveling alone in a new place as a woman of color, we got you. Here are helpful tips you can take with you when solo traveling so you can stay say and have fun.

Be confident.

It is very important to travel with confidence especially when you are going alone. Do your own research on the places you plan to visit so you will have an idea of what will you be seeing there. As a woman of color, racism and discrimination are certainly the ones that you worry about the most. So it is significant to be aware of places with racist people before you go. Always look confident. Chin up, walk and talk with confidence so people won't think you are scared and won't take advantage of you.

Prepare for people's stares.

If you are going to a country with very few people of color, expect to get stares on the bus, in the streets, and literally everywhere. It is annoying, I know, but these people are probably just not used to seeing people of color and they are truly just curious sometimes. Rude stares are different, of course. That is why it is important to prepare yourself for racism and discrimination too.

Get in contact with other black women travelers.

Before you travel, try to reach out to other travelers. You can search for some solo black women travelers online, they surely have blogs about their experiences. You can read their blogs or contact them so you will learn about their travel experiences and you will have an idea what to expect on your trip. They can also inspire you to be courageous and confident. You can ask for tips for solo traveling as well.

Learn some basics of their language.

When going to any country, keep in mind that not all people know and speak your native language so it is necessary to search and learn some basics of their language to effectively communicate with them. Some basic words or phrases you can search are hello, goodbye, thank you, yes, no, excuse me, please, help, I'm sorry, Do you speak English, I don't understand, and so on. Knowing the contact number for police is also important, in case of an emergency.

Keep in touch.

Last but not the least, keep in touch. Before you leave, be sure to give the person you trust your itinerary. It can be a family member or friend. It is significant to check in with that person on a daily basis when you get to your destination. Always let them know that you are okay and safe.

Solo traveling is fun and exciting and you deserve to explore the world. Don't let racism and discrimination stop you from enjoying the best things in life. So what if you are a woman of color? So what if you are alone in a new place? As long as you are well prepared, confident, and brave, go out there and have fun.

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