Have you ever heard of African superfoods? I am one hundred percent sure you have. But if you have not heard of these nutrient-dense superfoods from Africa, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I am here to tell you about these next food trends and how they can improve your health and longevity. So don't go away, keep reading!

Did you know that Africa is considered as one of the richest continents on Earth? You might be thinking, aren't many people in Africa hungry? Cause that is what we usually see on the news and on our textbooks. But hey, this continent is blessed with an abundance of very nutritious food. Take a look at this list of African superfoods that contain all the nutritional value you need for your diet.

Superfood one: Baobab Fruit

Superfood Two: Tamarind

The enormous tamarind trees can be as high as a hundred feet and can produce 330 to 500 pounds of fruit. Wow. Tamarind fruits have a sweet and sour taste that makes you asking for more. That is how desirable this fruit is! It can restore electrolytes and stave off dehydration-- perfect for when you just finished an hour of a vigorous workout. You make a Tamarind juice by shelling the fruits and letting them steep in water. Then you can just add sugar and you can enjoy it.

Superfood Three: Hibiscus

If you love tea, you will surely fall in love with these nutritious flowers. Dried hibiscus flowers are used to provide healthy dark red tea filled with antioxidants, vitamin C, and minerals. Try this on your next tea session to boost your immune system. You can serve it either hot or cold, it remains tasty!

Superfood Four: Moringa

Our Asian friends surely know this healthy food cause Moringa trees are native not only to Africa but also in Asia. These trees are commonly found in Namibia. Did you know that every part of the Moringa tree can be eaten? Yes, the bark, the leaves, the flowers, nuts, pods, seeds, tubers, and even the roots are all useful for their nutrients! Amazing, right? Their leaves are utilized either dried or fresh to make powder with high calcium, iron, protein, VItamin A, and Vitamin C. And based on studies, the Moringa powder has even times Vitamin C of oranges, twice the protein of yogurt, and more than twenty times the iron of spinach! Can we have a short break? I need to buy Moringa powder.

Superfood Five: Kenkiliba

The Kenkiliba shrubs are native to the Sahel area. Bags of these shrubs are being sold just alongside the road. Kenkiliba is made into an infusion tea that acts as a digestive stimulant and can balance the digestive system. Its leaves are filled with antioxidants and nutrients.

Superfood Six: Amaranth

Amaranth grows all over Africa in different terrains. This plant is rich with Vitamin C, B Vitamins, protein, Folic acid, phosphorus, and iron. Its seeds are also edible and filled with calcium. You can mix Amaranth into a porridge-type meal for breakfast. Just cooking the leaves until they are soft and tender and add them to the mixture. Their seeds can be air-popped or roasted. You can mix them into bread, desserts, and salads.

I know you are amazed by these foods right now. They are indeed superfoods, aren't they? If you want to be healthy, we suggest you try decreasing the amount of junk food, sugary and fatty food you take and eat these superfoods instead. They are an excellent way to optimize your health. We hope you learned something from this list. We would love to know if you ever tried any of these nutritious munchies.

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