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The Black Girl's Guide: Skin Care Tips to Flawless, Glowy Skin

Having dark skin tones does not mean your skin is protected against aging and uneven skin tone. Yes, melanin surplus may help you manage those wrinkles, but it cannot protect your skin against hyperpigmentation.

Black Lifestyle

Having dark skin tones does not mean your skin is protected against aging and uneven skin tone. Yes, melanin surplus may help you manage those wrinkles, but it cannot protect your skin against hyper pigmentation. People with darker skin tones actually have specific skincare needs. That is why it is super important to pay attention to your skincare regimen to keep your skin healthy. It is significant to know what skincare products to use and how to apply them properly. I know how badly you want to make your skin flawless and glowy, so we prepared these black skin care tips to help you achieve a glamorous skin.

Never ever forget to wash your face before bedtime.

This is rule number one. To achieve a lit-from-within skin, always cleanse your skin gently before going to bed. Sometimes we tend to forget this step especially when we have been to a long, tiring day. But removing your makeup and washing your face is a vital part of your bedtime routine. Micellar water is great for removing makeup. Just drop some on a cotton pad and wipe it across your face to clean it. Also, you have to choose a mild, gentle facial wash so your skin won't be dry.

Using sunscreen every day is a must.

You might think darker-skinned people have more melanin content so they are less prone to UV damage and sunburn. But keep in mind that being exposed under the heat of the sun can still cause skin cancer so it is important to wear sunscreen with SPF 30+.

Moisturize your skin frequently.

When not properly moisturized, your skin can look ashy. Apply a moisturizer on your skin twice a day right after you shower, while your skin is still damp. And do not forget to select a face and body moisturizer that fits for your skin type.

Exfoliate your skin but do not overdo it.

Some people can handle exfoliating their skin multiple times a week. But if you have darker skin, it can be sensitive to exfoliants. It advised choosing an exfoliant that is gentle and nourishing to the skin to avoid a darker, uneven skin tone, and irritation. Also, opt for fine-grain scrubs made with environment-friendly beads, and avoid using washcloths, coarse scrubs, and buffing pads.

Drink plenty of water.

You surely don't want a dull skin. But that will be the case if you are dehydrated. Avoid caffeinated beverages and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy.

Have enough beauty sleep.

Not getting enough sleep at night can be one of the reasons why you have dull skin. Getting your beauty sleep can recharge your body, as well as help, renew your skin.

If you happen to have skin irritation, treat it as soon as possible.

Darker skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation, something that you probably know already. It is advised to treat acne and common skin conditions ASAP to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Resist heavy oils.

You surely hate pimples and blackheads, so it is necessary to avoid heavy oils especially if you have acne-prone skin. If you really like using oils, just go for a sunflower oil for clearer skin.

Opt for products with skin-brightening ingredients.

Ingredients such as kojic acid, bearberry, licorice, and mulberry are some to look out for when choosing a skin-brightening product. The ingredients mentioned can fade hyperpigmentation gradually and can give you an even hue.

Go for a low-sugar, antioxidant-rich diet.

Want a naturally glowing skin? Start eating healthy. Lean protein, legumes, vegetables, and fruits can make your skin healthy and glowy.

Exercise at least 30 minutes per day.

Yes, working out is not only good for your mind, body, and soul. It can improve your skin too! Working out at least 30 minutes a day increases blood circulation and pumps your heart by bringing oxygen to your bloodstream. You can achieve a youthful glow when you start moving that bod.

Everyone wants an even-toned complexion and a healthy, glowy skin. These aren't so difficult to achieve if you try to be a little dedicated to your skincare regime. Be wise and serious about taking care of your skin. We hope this guide will help you have the gorgeous skin that you have always wanted!

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