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Protective Silky-Satiny Headpieces You Can Wear Anytime, Anywhere

We cannot really tell when exactly hair accessories began trending, but we know we cannot go rock an outfit without pairing it with scrunchies, hair trinkets, hair clips, hats, caps, and headbands.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

We cannot really tell when exactly hair accessories began trending, but we know we cannot go rock an outfit without pairing it with scrunchies, hair trinkets, hair clips, hats, caps, and headbands. But some hair ties and bands can rip your strands out, especially those accessories with metal. They can cause breakage as you pull them out. And you surely do not want to damage that gorgeous mane of yours. Having textured hair is an everyday challenge already, so why add to the struggle, right? So if you do not want to end up with dry, tangled tresses, you better check out these extra silky-satiny headgears that can protect your hair wherever you go. And a bonus? These are all black-owned items!

Why satin? What is with it?

Well, if you have textured hair, going to bed with satin covering or bonnet can keep your hair protected against being dry and tangled when you wake up the next day. Satin hair coverings are like silk pillowcase, they help lessen friction and hair damage while you are sleeping. So this list of the best and most fashionable silky-satiny headgears offers you ways to lounge in style without damaging those curls!

Cee Cee's Closet

Cee Cee's Closet's founders, Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo, who are based in New York, brings West African-inspired headgears to the United States. They feature beautiful silk-lined headwear that can help you protect your hair with a style. You should check out their bandanas and headwraps that are totally lovely!

Silke London

How about pretty hair wraps made with 100% silk that promote growth and hair protection? Silke London created those just for you! You can wear their hair wraps during the day or wear them to bed.


Have you ever been in a situation where you want to wear a gorgeous hat but worried that it might damage your hair? Layd got your back! You do not have to sacrifice your hair's health with their stunning and high-quality silk hats that can protect your curls.

Isoken Enofe

Aside from bonnets and headbands, Isoken Enofe also offers a range of beauty products and clothing. But I am sure you want to focus on their stylish satin-lined bonnets that come in various sizes and Ankara prints.

Peace Crown'd

Peace Crown'd provides bonnets with a satin-covered elastic band that prevents lines and headaches, perfect for those who are always ending up with super tight bonnets. You can check out their astonishing printed bonnets.

Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyae features satin and silk hair turbans, pillowcases, headbands, and a wide range of hair accessories. Their satin-lined cap promises to provide protection to your hair against breakage and dryness.

Ebonnet by EboniCurls

If you hate tangled hair every time you wake up, you are not alone. Lucki;y, there is a solution. Ebonnet by EboniCurls created oversized, double-line bonnets to protect your hair from being dry and tangled during a night's sleep. Their bonnets come in various sizes. They even have baby sizes for the little ones and an extra-long bonnet if you want to protect your braids.

Felicia Hair Bonnets

Another brand that provides beautiful and satin-lined bonnets is Felicia Hair Bonnets. They feature reversible ones that have Ankara print on one side and a solid color on the other side. The bonnets are also available in different sizes for babies, children, and even for big-headed people.

Glow by Daye

Last on the list but definitely not the least, is Glow by Daye. They offer a variety of hair care products such as deep conditioning heat caps, shower caps, scarves,  soft hood dryer attachments, and of course, satin bonnets. If you want to have healthy and luscious curls without putting extra effort to take care of your tresses, then you definitely should check out their awesome bonnets.

Applying products to your hair before going to bed will ensure that you will wake up with gorgeous locks in the morning. But covering your textured hair with a silk bonnet or hair wrap is a ticket to healthy, hydrated, and tangle-free tresses. Of course, you want to stay protected in style, so I know the list of brands given above will help you take care of your hair while rocking a stunning silky-satiny bonnet!

If you want to get more beauty advice and some hair care tips, check out Black Lifestyle.