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Nutritious Foods to Help Maintain Gorgeous Afro Hair

Nothing can beat the power of healthy foods in maintaining healthy and beautiful afro hair. Here are some amazing foods that will help you to achieve that big afro hair of your dreams.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

When caring for your afro hair, there are numerous products in the market that promise to treat different hair types. However, some products which claim that they are "natural" and "harmless" can still contain harsh ingredients that can damage your tresses. Nothing can beat the power of healthy foods in maintaining healthy and beautiful afro hair. Here are some amazing foods that will help you to achieve that big afro hair of your dreams.

Eat your greens.

Of course, vegetables are essential to our overall health. But did you know that green veggies can help grow your hair? Yup, that's right. With a large amount of iron found within green vegetables, your hair gets stronger, ensuring that it is healthy at all times. You can eat your green veggies steamed or boiled to lock in their flavor and make sure that your body and hair get the best possible results.


Milk is known for its significant role in providing calcium for healthy bones. Milk also provides many other nutrients that are important for good health. Along with calcium, milk is a source of potassium, riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and it contains other vitamins and minerals in smaller amounts. But did you know that milk can also do wonders to your hair? As mentioned, milk is full of vitamin B12, which is essential to carrying iron around the body. The lack of iron and vitamin B12 can cause your hair to become brittle and fall out.


If you love almonds, well, this is great news for you. Since almonds are rich with vitamin E, they are a perfect example of foods that can make your hair strong and healthy. You need an average of 20 almonds to reach 80% of your daily amount. You can eat your almonds as a snack or include them in your granola, oatmeal, or smoothie.


Carrots are another nutritious food that is good for your overall health. A carrot has a large amount of iron that is good for your hair. You can steam, cook, or eat the carrots raw within a weekly meal plan to help you maintain the correct level of iron within your body. Carrots are also great for coleslaw, salad, and smoothies.


Fish of all types like haddock, salmon, and cod are extremely healthy and beneficial for your hair and overall health. By adding fish to your diet, you will notice an increase in the strength of your hair. You can include fish in your salad or grill or steam it.


Don't you love bananas? These delicious fruits are an excellent source of potassium and an excellent form of keratin which provides shine and protection to your hair. Consuming a banana a day can help to keep your tresses strong and grow at a much faster rate.


Beans are another food that is very beneficial for your hair growth. Beans are an excellent source of vitamin B7, and with the right amount of vitamin B7, you can expect your hair to grow quicker and be able to combat damage due to styling or excess heat.

Green Tea

Green tea is becoming widely known as a healthy, safe, and efficient source of caffeine. It may not pack the same punch as coffee or black tea, but it is high in antioxidants and polyphenol, making it a fantastic way to boost a healthy lifestyle with efficient energy. Green tea also has benefits for your hair. It is full of antioxidants that can help to flush your body of toxins while helping to keep your skin as clear as possible. This helps to promote hair growth as it helps to balance out the chemicals in your body.

It is time to include these delicious and nutritious foods in your diet so you can finally rock your dream afro hair!

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