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Nail Care on a Pandemic: Change in Nail Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Most of us haven't even gone for a massage since COVID-19 attacked. But one thing is for sure - you still do and paint your nails during your free time.

Black Lifestyle

The coronavirus outbreak made us all stay home and skip events, parties, and dates. We stopped getting dressed and putting makeup on over the past months. Most of us haven't even gone for a massage since COVID-19 attacked. But one thing is for sure - you still do and paint your nails during your free time. Well, we cannot just abandon our nails, can we? Salons may have shuttered for months and now that they re-opened, new safety measures should be followed. But that doesn't mean you won't have your nails done anymore. With a plethora of nail art tutorials you can see on the internet, you can style them on your own, in your home. And speaking of nail art styles, nail trends today are more on longevity and hygiene because of the coronavirus.

Take a look at these nail trends that are most likely takeover in the future.

Custom press-ons look glam.

The best thing people love about press-ons? They are reusable. Just remove the fake nails and put them back on when you feel like using them again. Don't worry if you want to use them for a longer time, as press-ons can be used for up to two months. These are perfect when you want instantly polished nails and you are too lazy to do them. You can get personalized press-on sets from your favorite local nail shop, nail artist, or online. Here are some online sellers you can check: oohlalanails.shrewsbury, nailsby_sheila, and fancynailsky.

Cuticle negative space arts are simple yet good looking!

I am pretty sure you don't like it when your nails start to grow out so your polished nails will start to look terrible. Worry no more, cause cuticle negative space arts are becoming a trend. It makes your nails still look fabulous even when they grow out.

Nudes never go out of style.

Caramel, coffee, and chocolate shades are always so sexy not only for lipsticks but also for nail colors. You can never go wrong with nudes as they are complexion-coordinating hues. Polish may not last long, but when you go on nude color, cracks and damages are barely noticeable.

Chop your nails and keep them short.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, shorter nails became more preferable cause most of us want to make our daily routines more hygienic. Having shorter nails not only looks clean but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that keeping your nails short can limit the spread of infection. If you do not want your nails to gather bacteria and dirt underneath them and burst through gloves, it is better to keep them short, at least less than one-fourth inch long. Don’t worry, having short nails does not mean you cannot have them painted. Just look at these lovely flower art and these cute emojis. They look so good on short nails, don’t they?

How about BLM-inspired designs to show support for people of color?

You can show your support for the movement against anti-blackness by painting your fingernails with some black-lives-matter-inspired designs like this one: nailsbyme.

Can't choose a color? Coat every nail with a different hue.

Who says you can only use one color for all your nails? Skittles manicure is so gorgeous not to try. Paint one nail with pink, the other with yellow, the next one with blue... what else? This sounds so exciting! All you need is five pretty polishes. But if you still want to stick to one shade but want to try something different, opt for gradient nails.

A '90s trend that you can rock in 2020.

I'm sure you have tried butterfly nails when you were younger. Well, this nail trend isn't just staying in the '90s. Just look at how beautiful these butterfly nails are: arizonails, v.midnails, and bossyclaws.

So which nail trend are you trying out today? No matter what style you choose, make sure to keep your nails and hands clean and bacteria-free. Don't forget to always wash your hands well for at least 20 minutes.

Wanna get more beauty advice and some hair care tips? Visit Black Lifestyle and have a fabulous day!