It is all fun and games until your hair starts to fall and break. Losing strands of hair every day is totally normal. Actually, we lose 50 to 100 strands of hair every day and up to over 200 strands when you wash your tresses. So you shouldn't worry about that, right? But, girl! Isn't that irritating? Seeing a lot of hair strands on your pillow and on the comb can be annoying and alarming. If you are experiencing hair fall or you just don't want your mane to break off again, here are some tips you can do to thicken and grow and thicken your afro hair.

Having thick hair allows you to style it in many different ways but not all women are blessed with gorgeous thick hair, and some of us also suffer from hair fall. So if you notice your hair is beginning to thin out, follow these simple tips.

Detangle your hair using your fingers.

Running a comb through your hair just makes it harder to fix it and it can add more knots. Comb grab knotted hair strands that can cause breakage so it best to avoid using a comb and finger detangle your hair instead.


You know curly hair is naturally dry and breaks off easily. So it is recommended to apply a daily moisturizer such as coconut oil, or a  hydrating deep conditioning masque once a week to make sure your tresses are quenched.

Don't wash your hair too often.

Washing your hair often can strip the natural oils and make your hair dry and brittle.

Pre-shampoo your hair with olive oil or coconut oil.

Olive and coconut oil help your mane retain its protein and moisture. They can also protect your curls from breaking and being stripped when you shampoo.

Regularly cut away split ends.

Your afro can look dry and dull plus its growth can slow down if you do not cut your split ends. But don't cut your hair just for the sake of trimming especially if your goal is to retain its length. Just take good care of your hair cause the less damage it gets, the less hair you will need to cut.

Avoid drying your hair using a towel or microfiber.

You probably do not know it, but microfiber can rip the hair out. and towel drying frizzes your afro so just opt for a soft cotton t-shirt or air dry your hair.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the key to thicker and healthy hair.

Have you heard of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil? If not, then it is time for you to add this product to your cart the next time you go shopping for hair essentials. This oil protects your hair especially the ends from splitting. It causes the ends to clump together.

Give your scalp a relaxing massage.

A soothing massage to your scalp can increase the thickness of your hair by stretching the cells of hair follicles. And that stimulates the follicles to produce thicker tresses. Massaging your scalp also works by dilating the small arteries within the scalp, increasing the blood flow to the hair follicle, and prolonging the hair's growth cycle.

Sleeping in a satin covering is one of the best things you can do to take care of your afro.

Wrapping your hair with a satin scarf, bonnet, or sleeping on a satin pillowcase is very effective in preventing your afro hair's moisture from being robbed.


If your curls feel dry, moisturize. If you have natural hair, you only need to moisturize it every two days. But if your hair is chemically relaxed, you need to moisturize it up to two times every day.

Avoid using too many different brands.

Of course, we want to find the one brand that can do wonders for our hair. But trying out so many different hair-care brands can cause damage to your curls.

I hope this article will help you grow your hair faster and thicker, and avoid it from thinning and breaking off. It can feel horrible when your hair starts to fall, fortunately, there are some tricks, products, and medications that can help stimulate your afro hair growth and prevent hair fall.

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