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Fascinating Destinations to Experience African-American History and Culture

Today, let us celebrate black history by exploring these amazing museums and other significant destinations of memory and perseverance across the country.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Many parks, historic homes, and monuments in the United States bear witness to the fascinating cultural and historic events and achievements of black people over time. Today, let us celebrate black history by exploring these amazing museums and other significant destinations of memory and perseverance across the country.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

This Detroit museum was established in 1965 and holds the world's largest permanent collection of African-American culture. Here, you will discover over 35,000 artifacts, amazing displays on trailblazers in science and engineering, interactive kids stations, and the stained-glass windows created by Samuel A. Hodge which depict stories of notable African Americans. There is also an annual three-day African World Festival held in August that celebrates the cultures of the diaspora.

Civil Rights Trail

The Civil Rights Trail has a hundred locations across 15 states including Memphis, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. The national trail educates visitors about the struggles of black people to achieve equal rights. By this trail, we are sure that the true stories that changed history are never lost.

National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice is also called the lynching memorial. It was opened in Montgomery in April 2018. This is the first U.S. commemoration of the thousands of men, women, and children who were murdered mainly because of their skin color. The memorial holds 805 hanging, steel rectangles in the shape of coffins, each representing one of the United States counties where a documented lynching took place. You can also find the Legacy Museum nearby which opened the same day. The Legacy Museum displays the history of racism in America, starting with slavery before examining lynching, the Civil Rights era, and the present.

Pullman Porter Museum in Chicago, Illinois

This intriguing museum tells the story of black men who worked as porters on the trains of the Pullman Car Company and are admired for their service and dedication. Those men worked long hours for about $60 per month and did you know that more than half of their income went back to the company to pay for the supplies they used on the job? How cruel, right?

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

The secret network of allies that runaway slaves relied on to be free is known as the Underground Railroad. This center keeps the story of slavery and the message alive for the current generation. Here, you will find exhibitions that highlight slave trades of the past and present. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center also presents interactive exhibits, films, and it includes a slave pen from Kentucky built in the early 1800s.

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri

A long time ago, black baseball players were making a name for themselves on the field. Then the Negro League offered them a place to play in a segregated America. This amazing baseball museum highlights the successes and struggles of the players and shows visitors the incredible talent of the players that are kept out of the mainstream.

Black American West Museum in Denver, Colorado

This museum is situated in the former home of Justina Ford, Colorado’s first female African American physician. The Black American West Museum is filled with photos and artifacts that are best experienced with a pre-arranged tour.

Whitney Plantation in Wallace, Louisiana

In this slave cabin, you can walk the fields once toiled in by slaves and learn the history of this cruel time in American history. They provide tours through memorials, slave cabins, and the great house with a unique focus on the slaves’ perspective.

Which of these places will you visit first? Let us not let the true stories of African-American culture and history be forgotten. Visit these museums and have fun exploring and experiencing the old times.

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