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Famous Black Women Chefs That'll Inspire You to Start Healthy Eating Habits

Black female chefs have been using their job and their love for cooking to promote healthy eating for everyone. Let's get to know these awesome chefs and be inspired by their healthy lifestyle and delicious cooking.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Based on the report of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 2011 and 2014, 56% of black women who live in the United States were marked as obese. That is why there has been a lot of organizations, celebrities, and influencers who spent their time promoting healthy eating habits for children and adults. These skilled black female chefs are no different. They have been using their job and their love for cooking to promote healthy eating for everyone. Let's get to know these awesome chefs and be inspired by their healthy lifestyle and delicious cooking.

Tiffany Derry

The ever-gorgeous and great chef Tiffany Derry focused on providing a new perspective on how to eat healthily and practice positive thinking. She conducted a demonstration at the American Diabetes Association Expo in Minneapolis to help provide diabetics a new outlook on thinking healthy. She also featured simple recipes in the event that accommodated their health condition. What Derry did was excellent for it gave those people hope in a convenient lifestyle.

Gina Neely

If you are fond of getting unique, quick, and easy recipes online, especially from Food Network, you probably know, or at least remember, Gina Neely. Neely is from the Down Home with the Neelys show where she co-starred with Patrick Neely, her now ex-husband. The show was now canceled, but Neely has put her time and focus on helping other people to achieve fitness and healthy eating habits. Neely has gone through a weight loss transformation and she wishes everyone to reach that goal too. Since then, she has become a seafood ambassador for the Seafood Nutrition Partnership. This is a non-profit organization that wants Americans to be aware of the nutritional benefits of including seafood in their diet. They aim to raise awareness that seafood can reduce heart attack and other illnesses. Having personally experienced how devastating it is to lose someone due to health conditions, Neely hopes to help other people to start healthy eating habits and avoid having heart attacks through proper nutrition.

Tracye McQuirter

Having switched to vegan back in her college days, Tracye McQuirter has made it her duty to raise awareness on healthy eating for black women in the United States and promote and help black women in their transition to a vegan diet. She has been doing it for over twenty-five years now. McQuirter has a novel entitled By Any Greens Necessary which provides black women the things they need to make healthy changes. Her book was named number one recommended vegan book and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Ebony, and CBC News. She also posts vegan recipes and tips on living a healthy lifestyle on her personal blog site.

Carla Hall

If you are an avid viewer of the cooking competition show Top Chef, you would probably remember Carla Hall. The show has helped launch many careers for the winners and non-winners of the show. Carla Hall was a finalist in both the fifth and all-star season of Top Chef. Now she is a co-host on the daytime talk show, The Chew, which is about cooking. Hall is one of the many celebrity ambassadors of National Women's Health Week to help inspire women to start living a healthy lifestyle. She also joined Fuel Up to Play 60, a group with a campaign to encourage kids to be more active. Hall has been featured in many articles on the internet where she shared her helpful tips on preparing healthy meals.

The old saying "Health is wealth" never goes out of style. It is important to take our health seriously especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. These amazing black female chefs all aimed towards getting people to become more aware of their nutrition.

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