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Dos and Don'ts in Dating According to Black Men

Don't you think life would be much easier if we could just see their thoughts? But of course, that's impossible so all we have to do is get an understanding of how men think.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

To all the ladies out there, here is a dose of honesty from men when it comes to dating. It is true that men and women view relationships differently and I think that is amazing. Men and women also think and behave differently that is why sometimes we wish we can know what exactly they are thinking. Don't you think life would be much easier if we could just see their thoughts? But of course, that's impossible so all we have to do is get an understanding of how men think. Here's what men had to say when it comes to dating.

Do stay true to yourself.

This one sounds easy but is actually hard to do. We tend to keep secrets just to keep him. But that is actually what men do not want you to do. Men want women to always be honest and true to yourself. If the one you are dating runs away after telling him something unpleasant about you, that is not the man you need to be with. Let him go. A real man can accept who you really are and your deepest secrets if he really loves you so no need to hide anything.

Do understand that dating can sometimes be expensive.

It is not fair that men always feel obligated to pay for their female dates. Men want women to understand that dating can be expensive and women should not expect them to pay the entire bill all the time. Yes, most men will pay for everything for the first dates, and traditionally, men pay for dates. But this should not be the case now. Men respect women's ability to pay, so you can offer to share the bill. Men will appreciate it.

Do not change once you become exclusive.

We all know that the dating period is a time for getting to know each other. The dating period is our chance to evaluate each other and our feelings, and decide whether or not we want to take the relationship to the next level. So if you were okay with him hanging out with his buddies and doing his things during your dating period, do not change those things once you take your relationship to another level.

Do not let social media control your expectations in a relationship.

Let's admit it, social media has a way of creating insecuriti

es and changing our relationship styles in several ways. That is why men do not like it when women are letting social media control their expectations when it comes to dating and relationships. Men do not like to try to live up to celebrity relationships. They want to build one. Everyone wants to be seen and noticed, that is a fact. But do not take that to another level with social media being your biggest influence.

Do surprise him with acts of kindness.

Men get tired and stressed too. They will truly appreciate it if you do something nice and relaxing for him like rubbing his back or feet. You can also cook something for him, surprise him with a simple gift with a note, or take him out to events he like such as sports events. Men want to be appreciated for who they are and what they do. They want to feel loved and taken care of too.

Do not convict him for the last man's crime.

They say relationships are a gamble. You cannot enter a relationship and ask him to give you his 100 percent while you only give 50. Bad experiences in relationships are really traumatic and can make women extra careful next time. There is nothing wrong with being careful in choosing who you will date, but once you have decided to be in a relationship with someone, give him a chance to prove that he is not the same as your ex. Do not assume that he will treat you bad just like what your ex did. Men are different from each other.

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