If you’ve been staying at home for so long and you think you have run out of things to do, it is impossible that you haven’t thought of finding a pair of scissors lying around your house and for a second, cut your hair like it’s nobody’s business. Now that the pandemic has caused hair salons and barbershops to close, it seems like our hair care is left in our hands. That’s why DIY videos of hair-cutting have been popular on the internet. It’s really fun and amazing to watch them, but should you really give it a go?

Watching DIY haircut videos will not only entertain you but also tempt you to try it with your own hair. Well, there may be some fails that might be funny but scary, but who knows? This do-it-yourself haircut experience may be the best thing you’ll ever achieve this quarantine!

DIY Haircut Checklist

If you are really down for this, be sure to prepare these items:

Haircutting Shears:

Make sure your scissors aren’t those that meant to cut art papers for a school project. Ten dollars should be enough for a decent pair of shears.


Be sure to do this somewhere there is a full-length mirror. Also, bring with you a hand mirror so you can see the back to give you an idea if what you’re doing it right.

Hair Bands:

Prepare a few as you will need this to hold your hair.

Distraction-Free Space:

You’ll want a space where no one sees you (someone watching while you do it can add up to your pressure and might get you all nervous) and where you can attentively focus on your hair. But if you feel like you can do the haircut more confidently with someone assisting you, it is more recommended.


Drape these on your shoulders to keep the hair off from your clothes.

Broom or Vacuum:

To clean up your haircut mess.

Three DIY Haircuts For Starters

Cutting your own hair for the first time can be very nerve-wracking, so among all the DIY haircuts, here are three that you can start with and try with confidence.

PRE-CUT PREP: Use shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. While still, wet use comb and remove any tangles.

1. Simple Trim

This the best haircut to try if you haven’t cut your own hair before. This haircut also works best for people with longer hair. Sweep your hair using a comb and tie it into a ponytail at the top of your head. Using your fingers, mark your desired length and cut it straight across below your fingers.

2. Bangs

This another must-try for a beginner. Adding bangs to your hairstyle can completely give you a transformation. Just be sure you have a fine-tooth comb that will precisely part your hair. From the rest of your hair, separate your bangs by creating a triangle in your roots. Pull it out straight from your head in front of you, then use your fingers to mark your desired length. Don't start by cutting it too short because you will pass through again. For even results, vertically cut your bangs and trim upward. Following the same movement, cut diagonally along the hair outside your bangs, just above the edge of your eyebrows. Trim the longer hair upward to blend with the rest of the cut.

3. A-Line Bob

If you want to go more adventurous, try doing the A-line bob. This hairstyle is where you have shorter hair in the back and longer hair in front. This is another haircut that you can do by tying your hair in a ponytail, but this will need your hand to be really steady. You can get your hand mirror for you to see if you are doing it right in the back part.

For this, you will need three hair bands.

Portion your hair into three: two in front and one at the back part. Secure each portion with a hairband.

Cut your hair at the back part right below your hairband. (Move your hairband down depending on your desired length.)

Cut the uneven portions with shears. Let down the back portion, then from the initial length of your cut, take the two front sections and cut diagonally.

Twist the strands from one section and slide your scissors down.

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