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Can't Cook? Here's a Black Woman's Guide to Start Cooking and Be a Master of the Kitchen

Even though cooking is really a good skill to learn, you do not have to if you do not want to. That's totally fine.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Black women are commonly known as great cooks. While that can be flattering and that really is a good thing, not everyone knows how to cook. But that should be okay. Even though cooking is really a good skill to learn, you do not have to if you do not want to. That's totally fine. But in case you want to start your cooking journey and you are ready to learn how to be a master of the kitchen, this guide will help you get started. Don't fret, cooking is not as hard as you think. Keep scrolling to discover how you can start cooking your own meals.

Set aside adequate time for your cooking.

This step is very important. Starting to learn how to cook as a beginner can be a little overwhelming. But it can be easier if you take the time to plan for it and make a schedule. You can take note of this on your planner or set a reminder so you can dedicate that particular time only for cooking. This way, you can fully focus on cooking and it will be easier to learn it if you are not thinking or worrying about something else.

Only use essential kitchen tools.

If you have been watching cooking shows or tutorials on Youtube, you probably see some of them having many pots, pans, other kitchen tools. But those things can just leave you feeling confused. It will be much better if you organize your kitchen first and store all the tools in the pantry and only use the items that are important and most used.

Cookbooks and tutorials are must-haves.

Investing in highly-detailed cookbooks is a great start for your cooking journey. The cookbooks that you should purchase should break down every recipe and procedure into understandable sections so you won't get confused with the ingredients and the process. It is also helpful to watch some professionals on YouTube or ask friends and family members to guide you. It is always fun to learn how to cook from others.

Do not start with a complicated recipe.

I know you are very excited about cooking your own meal or cooking for your family. But keep in mind that you are a beginner, so do not start with a complicated recipe. Start simple and pick out a basic recipe that won't confuse you. You can cook simple pasta recipes and challenge yourself how many variations you can successfully cook. Master basic cooking skills first to slowly build your confidence. Then you can try more challenging recipes and wow your friends and family.

Measure all the ingredients first before you start cooking.

Be sure to follow the instructions and procedure in the recipe and measure all the ingredients needed. It will help you avoid confusion while cooking and help you get the best results.

Always clean your cooking area before and after using it.

Always make sure to keep your kitchen and tools clean. Wash everything that you used as soon as you are done using it. Doing this can help prevent the buildup of dirty dishes. A dirty kitchen can discourage you when cooking so always wipe kitchen surfaces and kitchen tools.

Learn something new every time you cook.

The good thing about cooking is you can always learn something new each time you cook. Reading each recipe on your cookbook will help you learn some useful tips or new things such as how to make a perfect hard-boiled egg, how to properly cook pasta noodles so it won't be mushy. Take note of these simple things, these can help you in the future.

Follow these tips and be an expert in the kitchen. We would love to know your thoughts about this guide. Share them with us in the comment section.

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