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Black Public Figures You Probably Didn't Know Were Vegan

We know some famous black celebrities and public figures who are vegan and they will absolutely inspire you to choose good health over animal exploitation and death.

Black Lifestyle

Okay, we are dropping a secret: Ditching animal flesh, eggs, and dairy products can help you achieve glowing melanin. Quite overwhelming, isn't it? We know some famous black celebrities and public figures who are vegan and they will absolutely inspire you to choose good health over animal exploitation and death. But before we get to know these badass black vegans who use their platforms to speak on veganism, let us understand first what being a vegan means.

Veganism is a diet that includes zero animal products (yes, you read that right, honey. Zero. None. Nothing. Nil). It is a way of living that seeks to exclude cruelty to, and all forms of exploitation of animals for clothing, food, or other purposes. Vegans don't consume meat, eggs, dairy products, and other animal-derived ingredients. Their diet includes all grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, beans, and other foods. If you think you are gonna miss eating your favorite snacks when you start veganism, well you can still make or buy vegan versions of familiar foods such as vegan ice cream, hot dogs, cheese, mayonnaise, non-dairy yogurt, veggie burgers, and more. I know this information wowed you. So let's go ahead and make you more interested in veganism by introducing the famous black vegans who may just inspire your next food leap.

Erykah Badu

Did you know that the music legend Erykah Badu has been open about her vegan-eating for years now?  The talented singer-songwriter has spent over 30 years living a vegetarian lifestyle and she is a vegan. Badu is committed to both vegan and vegetarian dishes, believing that they are "soul food in the truest form".

Stevie Wonder

Yup, the legendary musician spent years being a loyal vegan and he has also spoken out about the environmental devastation caused by meat.

Jade Novah

The R&B singer and viral sensation Jade Novah even teamed up with PETA for a pro-vegan campaign that advertised “Live in Color—Go Vegan for Life.”. She has a very serious commitment to animal rights so when a leather company asked her for an endorsement deal, she rejected it. She said she would not endorse anything that is not vegan-friendly. That's our girl!

Kimberly Elise

If you have watched or Colored Girls, The Manchurian Candidate, and Diary of a Mad Black Woman, you certainly know Kimberly Elise. The talented actress is an enthusiastic vegan and blogs about health, beauty advice, and yes, you guessed it-- vegan recipes.


Do you still remember the super awesome guy who did the “Vegan Thanksgiving” rap? He is a loyal vegan too, thanks to his friend, Nikki Ford, who is a PETA campaigner, for persuading him to go vegan.

Since the famous multi talented musician went vegan to better his health, he has spoken about the killing of animals for food, clothing, and other purposes. You will feel how passionate he is in living a vegan lifestyle with his lyrics on “VIBRATIONS pt. 1 pt. 2” which says, “You eat the yellow tail—I’ma eat the plant-based. I ain’t chewing on no food with two eyes and a face.”. What great words!

Serena and Venus Williams

They are popularly known for being super-talented tennis players. But when the William sisters are not busy playing or training for tennis, they are cooking up some mouthwatering vegan dishes. They started living a vegan lifestyle when Venus was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Sjogren's syndrome. They both adopted a healthier, vegan diet that gives them more strength they need in doing activities that they love, a.k.a. playing tennis.

Mike Tyson

If you want to lose weight and be healthier, this news will inspire you: Mike Tyson, the one and only Mike Tyson, claims he lost over 100 pounds (Woah!) after embracing veganism. Wow.

And that is the end of our list. Veganism is truly growing and it seems like it has no plans of slowing. If you want to start a holistic lifestyle and vegan-eating, we hope these famous public figures will inspire you.

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