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Black Female Travel Bloggers That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

We have listed some amazing black women bloggers who share their travel experiences and tips that will inspire you to see the world.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

While most travelers out there do not need any help for their next adventure, there are still many people who are in need of some tips for their next travel. Whether you are a beginner or a certified hodophile in search of killer street art or bomb travel budgets and unique trips, this article is for you. I have listed some amazing black women bloggers who share their travel experiences and tips that will inspire you to see the world. So if you do not follow these fantastic ladies yet, it is time for you to click the follow button to see their stories and aesthetic photos that will make you plan your next trip.


Carley started her travel journey because she wanted to fall in love with someone who has the same travel ambition as she had. She has traveled to different cities since 2014. She had a wonderful trip to Mexico, a spectacular vacation in Bali, Indonesia, and other wonderful places around the world. She works hard so she can travel the world. Most of us are probably aware that traveling is not easy or cheap. We need to spend some money. So Carley rewards herself by traveling to different places. While many people might think that traveling is just a waste of money, but for travel enthusiasts like Carley, traveling can make someone richer.


Tonya's Instagram account, @travelingnewbie, consists of photos that will inspire newbies to travel the world. She started traveling internationally in her thirties and quickly fell in love with different countries and cultures. She has climbed Mayan ruins in Guatemala, had a face-to-face encounter with a stingray in Grand Cayman Islands, gone cave tubing in Belize, and experienced to ride camels in Abu Dhabi. Tonya truly has amazing and unforgettable travel experiences. You should follow her on IG to get some tips and inspiration for your next journey.


Sheba participated in a study abroad program when she was in college which conducted research in Europe. That made her more interested in traveling. Sheba loves learning and experiencing various traditions, cultures, food, and meeting people in different countries. Would you believe that she has traveled to 50 countries? That includes Greece, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, Maldives, Canada, Costa Rica, France, South Africa, and Colombia. People who love to travel will surely envy her travel experiences. Follow her on Instagram to be more inspired in seeing the world.


Jonelle's first-ever travel experience when her family moved to Antigua for her father's job as a pilot. And that was when she was only a year old. Jonelle may not be flying an airplane like her father, she still travels to various places around the world and allowing herself to experience and learn about different cultures and traditions. You better check out her Instagram account to be amazed by her travel photos.


Ashley quit her job and has been exploring the Pacific and Southeast Asia for months now. She has traveled to Cambodia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and more countries. Ashley loves solo backpacking and trying out different food from different places. Her next journey will be in Europe. Follow her on Instagram to see her fascinating experiences and be inspired to travel solo too.

Now that you have seen their aesthetic travel photos and wonderful travel experiences, aren't you excited about your next trip? Which country will you visit after the pandemic? With so many beautiful destinations to choose from, I am sure these ladies will help you decide which one to see first. We would love to know your thoughts. Share them with us in the comment section.

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