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Astonishing Black-Owned Travel Agencies You Should Know and Support

Most people love and enjoy going to places, meeting new people, and experiencing adventures. Some people even find traveling as life-changing.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Sure, as people of color, we get weird stares from people every time we visit a foreign place. But that does not stop us from exploring the world whether we are traveling with friends or solo. Most people love and enjoy going to places, meeting new people, and experiencing adventures. Some people even find traveling as life-changing. So to all hodophiles out there, it is worth noting these amazing black-owned travel companies that will make your travel experiences way better.

The Wind Collective

If you want to live like the wind who can get to different places, you might want to consider joining this global travel community that expresses freedom through adventures. The Wind Collective hosts monthly group travel for people like you who are constantly curious, brave, and have a sense of wonder about the world. Their trips are crafted alongside local partners in their destinations in collaboration with their creative team to give you an immersive experience. Check out their website to know more.


This amazing community has diverse travelers and smart spenders who will help you travel more in an easy and financially responsible way. Do not worry, every interaction with them uses bank-level security and encryption so sensitive data is safe. With Airfordable, you have the option to not pay the full cost upfront for your ticket. You can also pay for your flight for a fraction upfront and the rest in installments before you travel. You will then get your e-ticket once the final payment is made. Hassle-free, right?


If you find their name catchy, wait till you discover what they offer. Curiocity is an industry of African design hostels and hotels that share an authentic experience of Africa, one city at a time. They offer travelers the opportunity to stay in places that are amazingly designed and affordable. Local visitors and global travelers can enjoy a quick stop-over and a deep dive into the city. Be sure to book your next trip at one of their locations.

Las Morenas de España

LMDES is owned by Sienna and Danni, who help black women move abroad while giving them remote working tools and templates along the way. They started their journey five years ago when they set out to change the narrative of black expat and share positive experiences of black women living abroad. And with their strong desire to reshape the black narrative of Spain, LMDES was formed and reached unimaginable heights. They are now a one-stop-shop to thriving abroad. Check out their website if you want them to help and teach you how to take the steps you need to make your dreams a reality.


Dipaways was started by Chadricks Everette, a former Travel Noire experience designer. Did you know that Chadricks left a successful marketing career to travel the world? This network was created to spread a lifestyle of happiness and freedom. Visit their website to discover their amazing offers.

Siviwe Tours

Want to experience Cape Town's oldest township? Book your tour with Siviwe Tours. They specialize in eye-opening guided tours of Langa, Cape Town's oldest black township. Siviwe Tours also tries to incorporate cultural entertainment like traditional music and gumboots dance, an after-school program called Happy Feet Youth Project for local kids in Langa Township. Siviwe Tours, which is founded and owned by Siviwe Mbinda, aims to introduce the true face and culture of Langa to a wider audience.

Tastemakers Africa

Tastemakers Africa is a company that connects the continent and the Black diaspora. They offer virtual events and conferences. Check their site to see the travel inspiration they post weekly. Their group trips and travel experiences are coming back in cities across the continent. This company is also perfect for those who are looking to connect to their heritage in a much deeper way.

With these amazing black-owned travel agencies, your relationship with travel will surely remain strong. Check them out and let them help you make your travel adventures more fun, exciting, and memorable.

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