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Amazing Black Fashion Bloggers Who Will Give You Style Inspirations

Here is a list of amazing ladies who will inspire you to make the best out of what you have got in your wardrobe. Remember, it is not about what you wear, it is about how you wear it.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

When you think of black women, think of beauty and style. Black women are so fashionable that they can slay floral print dresses, jeans and shirts, maxis, jumpsuits, dark-color dresses, and so much more. Today, let us give some black female fashion bloggers a shoutout for their work that gives us serious style inspo! Here is a list of amazing ladies who will inspire you to make the best out of what you have got in your wardrobe. Remember, it is not about what you wear, it is about how you wear it.

Folake Hunton

If you follow Folake Hunton on Instagram, you will see her very stylish OOTDs that you can copy. From her gold and black sequin jumpsuit to her off-the-shoulder Ankara dress, you will surely be full of ideas about what to wear on every occasion. Folake's style is effortless but very classy. Folake is also very brave to wear bold colors and everyone is loving her for it. She is living proof that no shade or tone is off-limits to women of color. So if you have always been scared to rock bright and bold-colored clothes, you definitely should check her account,

Asiyami Gold

Asiyami is a very gorgeous Nigerian visual storyteller, creative director, and more. She posts astonishing photos on her Instagram account that make travel look extremely glamorous. You will see stunning shots of the streets of Havana, Cuba, the Giraffe Manor in Kenya, and a lot more. You will also discover how fabulous her outfits are no matter where she goes. Asiyami is truly an inspiration when it comes to beauty and style.

Frederique Harrel

For Frederique, fashion is not only about the outfits you wear, but it is about self-exploration and expression. That is why her fashion style is bold and daring. She is into inspiring people to discover their potential and be creative. Frederique believes that fashion should be fun. She started a company called Big Hair No Care where she sells natural-hair textured wigs and clip-ins. Visit her Instagram account to see her beautiful photos if you are looking for some style inspiration.

Soraya De Carvalho

Who says moms can't be stylish and fashion junkies? Soraya De Carvalho, a mother of two, proves that everyone, even the busy moms, can still rock a gorgeous outfit no matter what the occasion is. On her website Style Is My Thing, she writes, "If you are in need of fashion inspirations or had some major fashion disasters, and you are now looking to perhaps find your own style, stick around. You will be able to learn how to develop your own sense of style.” If you check her Instagram account, you will witness her glamorous and classy OOTDs: from her chic winter fur coat and beautiful hair berets to her bold-colored dresses and casual outfits.

Natasha Ndlovu

Natasha is the epitome of beauty and brains. She is not only a beautiful woman with a striking fashion sense, but she is also intelligent. Natasha is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Ndebele. She graduated from the University of British Columbia where she got her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. Check out her Instagram account to get a glimpse of her stunning outfits and get style and fashion ideas.

Blake Gifford

The moment you see Blake, you will know that this gorgeous lady has a strong personality. You will see that she loves herself and she is confident to express herself through fashion. Blake is truly an inspiration to all girls who want to feel great about themselves and be stylish and creative. Follow her on Instagram to see and be updated on her beautiful shots and striking style.

Styles by Fash

Fash owns a boutique called Laced With Style where she sells denim dresses, wrap tops, denim tops, and more stylish items. She also sells eyewear, pieces of jewelry, and jogger sets. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel to see her style ideas and gorgeous lookbooks.

If you want to get more beauty advice, some hair care tips for dark-skinned women, travel inspirations, food tips, and literally anything that is helpful for people of color, be sure to check out Black Lifestyle.