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A Beginner's Guide on How to Get Into Yoga and Why You Should

Okay, ladies, it is time to roll out your yoga mat and let us all discover the mental and physical exercises that have hooked yoga practitioners for many years.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

Okay, ladies, it is time to roll out your yoga mat and let us all discover the mental and physical exercises that have hooked yoga practitioners for many years. Don't worry, sis, you do not need to be a yogi or yogini to experience the benefits of yoga. Everyone-- young, old, fit, overweight can enjoy yoga. It has the power to calm the mind and strengthen your body. I know it looks difficult with all of its twisting poses and splits, but I assure you, yoga is much easier than you think. So give it a try!

Take a look at the benefits of yoga.

Yoga can relieve your stress.

If you are stress about work, relationships, or life in general, it is best to practice yoga. Yoga reduces the hormone called cortisol that causes stress. Yoga can also improve your digestion and immune system, help alleviate insomnia, asthma, depression, fatigue, and anxiety, and lower your blood pressure. Aside from that, yoga is also a spiritual practice. You will become more attuned to your body as your mind clears and your stress lowers.

Have a goodnight's sleep by doing yoga.

When you are stressed, it is so hard to sleep at night or you wake up from time to time and feeling restless the next day. And because yoga can help clear your mind and reduce your stress, you can enjoy more peaceful, satisfying, and deeper sleep. A clearer head can help you fall asleep faster. Practicing yoga right before bed-time can put you in the right mindset to rest.

Yoga will help you lose weight and make you stronger.

One thing you should know, yoga uses every single muscle in your body. And the more you work those muscles, the stronger they become. Doing yoga for just a few weeks will make you notice the increased strength in your calves, neck, and biceps. Yoga can also help you lose weight because it reduces cortisol levels. It means you won't have the desire to stress-eat and munch on junk food.

You will be more flexible.

With the different poses and splits that you see on the internet, you might be worried to try yoga especially if you suffer from chronic pain. But studies show that the meditative and physical properties of yoga can help relieve your pain if you suffering from arthritis, cancer, back pain, autoimmune diseases, and multiple sclerosis. Practicing yoga will also help you feel less pain while doing different poses and splits and you will be surprised to find yourself more flexible.

How to start doing yoga?

Find the right yoga practice for you.

There are different yoga practices so it is important to find the type of yoga that is right for your goals or fitness level. This way, you won't feel burnt out and frustrated. Here are some yoga practices you can try at home.

Anusara Style Home Practice Yoga Sequence Part 1

Yoga For Strength - 40 Minute Vinyasa Sequence

Hatha Yoga For Beginners At Home (30 min Workout)

Bikram Yoga Workout - 🔥 60 Minute Hot Yoga with Maggie Grove

Be sure to have the right equipment.

Don't worry, yoga is not expensive. It does not have to be. Yes, there are very pricey yoga mats, sportswear, and blocks out there, but why buy those if there are alternatives that are way cheaper? You can find some less expensive but high-quality yoga mats online and you can just wear loose-fitting pants or leggings.

Consistency is the key.
I know there are days that you feel so lazy and don't want to move a single muscle. But the key to doing yoga is consistency. Practice yoga even when you are too lazy to move. Set a particular time each day to do yoga. Don't wait until you feel like it. Start slow and small. You do not have to a whole hour of high-intensity yoga every day. A 20-minute slow, gentle yoga is okay.

Dos and don'ts when doing yoga:

Do choose the right type of yoga for you.
Do not wear socks or shoes.
Do familiarize yourself with the basics before starting yoga.
Do not drink water during yoga class.
Do bring a water bottle and hydrate before practice and after class.
Do not eat right before class.

The real secret of doing yoga? Have fun!

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