This is to anyone suffering inside their heads especially during a trying time like this pandemic.

Saying that “living with a mental illness is hard” is an understatement. When things are bottled up, it can be a struggle, especially when the people around you do not completely understand, or do not understand at all what a mental illness is. As a matter of fact, the topic of mental health is still taboo for most people. Things like "It's just in your head", "Don't try to think about it", and "Just always be positive" are always advised as if we can just set the thoughts aside as simple as that. This may be one of the reasons many people are still afraid of being honest and opening up about how they are really feeling. Because people around them just do not get it.

Having healthy discussions on mental illness is very important and helpful in dealing with your battles. And that's just one of the things you can do to deal with yourself when you are in those mental health days. Here are more tips you can take to deal with a mental health relapse.

It is very important to understand what mental health actually is.

Mental health is just like physical health: everyone has it. It is our emotional and psychological wellbeing. And having mental wellbeing means we sometimes feel sadness, grief, frustration, anger, and other negative emotions. Being mentally healthy is when a person knows his or her potential in dealing with the normal stresses of life. However, being diagnosed with a mental condition such as anxiety, schizophrenia, and depression can impact a person's mental health. That is why it is very essential to understand your mental health for it can help you find out what you need to feel better and when to seek further help.

Face yourself and always get up.

Know that whatever you are feeling right now, you have to face it eventually.

Do not forget about self-care.

Always take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Do simple things like eating a balanced diet, working out, having enough rest and sleep time, and doing things you enjoy such as reading books, cooking, playing with pets, or watching movies and series on Netflix.

Make sure you drink enough water.

Another basic self-care element that is significant in dealing with your mental health. Did you know that a lack of fluids can worsen symptoms of anxiety? So it is better to stay hydrated.

A calming herbal supplement may help.

Calm yourself down by taking supplements such as valerian. It can help with moderate anxiety and any sleep disturbances.

Tidying your room can make a difference.

Try to clean your place when you are feeling down. I know it is hard to move a single muscle when you are not feeling okay, but creating a clean and calming environment can revive your day.

Enjoy things you love without feeling guilty.

Low mental health days suck. So you deserve to make yourself laugh and be happy. Do something that you really enjoy like listening to inspiring music, binge-watching series, or movies on Netflix, reading novels with the genre you love, eating a little junk food (again, without feeling guilty) like a piece of cheesecake, a pint of ice cream, burgers, fries, and doughnuts (Just remember to only have a short moment od indulgence, okay?), and simply doing anything you are passionate about. Trust me, it can really help.

Herbal teas can be effective for chilling out.

Chamomile tea and ginger tea are only some of the examples of tasty and fragrant teas that are soothing and sometimes can make you sleepy (best for those low mental health days when sleeping seems impossible).

Get out of the house and breathe in the fresh air for at least five minutes.

I know, I know, it so hard to get up when you are in a slump, what more going outside your house and standing there for minutes? But hey, feeling that sunshine and breathing some fresh air can calm you down and improve your mood.

It is not easy, but keep in mind that it is not going to last. Your sufferings will be over soon, just don't ever let the depression and anxiety win. Believe in yourself, you can make it through.