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8 Influential Black Men In Travel You Should Know

From a man who travelled across Africa on foot to the CEO of the largest leisure travel company in the world, these men are helping travelers everywhere experience the best the world has to offer.

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz

There are countless black women shaping how we all see the world, but there are just as many influential black men making moves in the travel and hospitality space. From a man who traveled across Africa on foot to the CEO of the largest leisure travel company in the world, these men are helping travelers everywhere experience the best the world has to offer.

Mario Rigby

Mario Rigby was born in Turks & Caicos Islands and spent his childhood in Germany, before moving to Toronto, Canada at the age of 16. He has always had a tremendous drive to push the limits in athletics, exploration and anything else he puts his mind to. Starting with a love for track and field in his early days, competing for his national team. While Mario’s entrepreneurial spirit and athleticism led him to open a business in the fitness industry upon his arrival to Toronto, he desired a grander challenge that led him to transition out of his career to pursue an explorative adventure that would allow him to better connect with the world around him. Thus, the Crossing Africa expedition was born.

Robert L. Johnson

Robert L. Johnson founded Black Entertainment Television (BET) in 1979 with his wife, Sheila. He became the first African American billionaire after selling the network to Viacom in 2001. Johnson has since started a new business, the RLJ Companies, and has invested in an NBA team, a film company, and political causes and campaigns.

Arnold Donald

Chief executive officer Arnold W. Donald was born on December 17, 1954 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He recieved his B.A. degree in economics from Carleton College in 1976 in Northfield, Minnesota, his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis in 1977, and his M.B.A. degree from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business in 1980.
As the CEO of Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest leisure travel company that owns Carnival Cruise, Arnold Donald is over a $48 billion company that sets the standard for family travel.

Damon Lawrence and Marcus Carey

The Howard graduates are the owners of Homage Hospitality, a hospitality company that owns The Moor hotel in New Orleans and upcoming projects in Oakland, Detroit, and Brooklyn. Their approach to hospitality is inclusive and creative and their unique style is already resonating with travelers.

Ronnie Dunston

As the founder of Road to 100 Countries, Ronnie Dunston has used his mileage and rewards expertise to help fellow black men and women travelers learn how to travel more often for less money.

Nathan Fluellen

Nathan Fluellen, better known as World Wide Nate, hosts a travel show for UMC Originals called World Wide Nate African Adventures and uses his platform to speak on topics like how to use social media to brand yourself and what it’s like to be black in adventure travel. He was born in Passaic New Jersey. His father was in the military, which allowed his family to visit and live in various places, including Germany, Texas and Washington State. From a young age, Ronnie loved traveling to new places.

Rondel Holder

As the founder of Soul Society 101, Rondel Holder has created a travel platform that includes a podcast, a lively social media community, and a website that documents his adventures abroad as well as tips and advice for black men and women that want to begin traveling more often. Still under 35 years old, Rondel is clear that this is just the beginning. In addition to propelling his career across media, entertainment, travel and technology, Rondel will continue to serve as a youth mentor via organizations such as Children of Promise, NYC.

Elton Anderson, Jr.

The celebrity photographer and travel influencer has worked with brands like Chase and KAYAK, and the bold,  inspiring group photos from his annual birthday trips are the definition of #friendgoals.

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