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15 Black-Owned Hair Care Brands to Shop Now

Did you know that there are numerous brands out there that are great for all hair types? Don't worry about a shortage of black-owned hair brands, we are going to give you a list of the brands for your hair-care needs.

Black Lifestyle

Giving your locks a little makeover from time to time is just fine. However, you should be extra careful in selecting products and brands for your tresses because some products out there contain harsh ingredients that are sooo bad for your hair. I know, Afro-textured hair has not always been catered to by the beauty industry, that is why it has been kind of tough to find good hair care products that work for kinkier textures. But I guess the Black Lives Matter movement also created support for black-owned businesses. And did you know that there are numerous brands out there that are great for all hair types? Don't worry about a shortage of black-owned hair brands, we are going to give you a list of the brands for your hair-care needs.

Check out these super good black-owned hair-care brands you can use for your locks.

1.Jane Carter Solution

Frizz Free Styling Smoother is one of Jane Carter Solution's best product for taming the frizz in your hair or blowing out your curls for a sleek look. This product is mostly designed for curly textures.

2. Oyin Handmade

This Baltimore-based brand offers natural, organic shampoos and conditioners that bring your dry and frizzy mane to life.

3. Bask & Bloom Essentials

Launched in 2014, Bask & Bloom Essentials features various products for washing, conditioning, and styling. The first-ever products that they launched are More Moisture Cream and Stimulating Hair Oil.

4. Alaffia

Founded by Olowo-n'djo Tchala in 2013, Alaffia offers hair, skin, and body products using only shea butter for their main ingredient. You should check out their Beautiful Curls collection which is perfect for your kinky hair. The collection includes Curl Reviving Tone and 9 other products.

5. Pattern Beauty

Create some magic after shower by using Pattern Beauty's conditioners, serums, and curl-friendly tools for coils and textured styles. Tracee Ellis Ross just launched this brand in September 2019 but it is already a hit.

6. Briogeo

With products containing purely natural ingredients like macadamia nut derivative and rose flower extract, no wonder why Brigeo's Don't Despair, Repair! Strengthening Treatment Hair Oil is ALWAYS, always sold out. So hurry and check it out before they run out of supply... again.

7. Curls Dynasty

Curls Dynasty started to provide awesome hair-care products in 2014. Some of their best-sellers are the Organic Oil Blend, which is also their very first product, and Cocoa Mint Moisture Rich Shampoo, a sulfate-free and hydrating shampoo that can restore the life of your tresses.

8. Kinky Tresses

If you have type 4 hair, having dry hair is probably a normal thing for you. But you don't have to just get used to dryness. Kinky Tresses created products such as shampoos and multi-use oil treatment that can help hydrate your hair and keep it healthy.

9. Canviiy

Launched in 2014 by Sherrel Sampson, Canviiy provides two oil-based serums, a foaming treatment, and a shampoo bar to help you nourish your scalp. You will surely love the smell and the cooling sensation of their products.

10. Charlotte Mensah

Their Manketti Oli hair care range is a must-try to make your curls shinier and smoother. Take note, Charlotte Mensah was the first black woman to be included into the British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame! Plus, their products already earned awards.

How fab is that?

11. OrganiGrowHairCo

From their name, you'll know your hair is in good hands. Their products contain 100% natural ingredients that are vegan cruelty-free, and it is sure that they won't harm your tresses.

12. Qhemet Biologics

If you have type 3c or 4c hair, Qhemet Biologics is one of your best options! Founded in 2004, this brand features 11 products to condition even the driest hair. I recommend their best-seller, Amla & Olive Heavy Cream.

13. The Wrap Life

We know wrapping your hair at night is good to keep it healthy. So if you are looking for nice headwraps, check out Nnenna Stella's The Wrap Life. Their recent collections include subdued prints and solid-color options.

14. Uhai

Wishing for hydrated, defined curls? Uhai can make that wish come true with their Styling Cream! The product is formulated with coconut oil, shea butter, and baobab oil that can keep your mane healthy and moisturized.

15. CurlMix

This brand offers five different four-step kits to wash your hair. Each kit contains a shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and gel. You can buy the products separately if you want. Aside from the kits, they also feature oil-based serums for maintaining healthy curls.

Now you have the option to choose healthy hair-care products that can maintain the overall well-being of your curls! If you want to get more beauty advice and some hair care tips, check out Black Lifestyle!