YouTube continues to reign as the king of social media platforms when it comes to sources for reviews of many different products and services and tips and how-tos of many things. But with over two billion users watching videos every single day, finding high-quality content can be a tough job. That is why we decided to share with you the best black YouTube vloggers and influences that you need to follow right now. Whether you are looking for beauty tips, travel guides, foodgasms, wellness, relationship advice, gaming, or parenting, you will surely enjoy watching these amazing people on YouTube.

Karla Tobie Princess Bellaaaa

This gorgeous lady with a brilliant mind will definitely take your makeup game to the next level. She has 234 thousand subscribers as of now and 10.4 million views! Karla Tobie joined YouTube in 2008 and gained popularity since then. She provides makeup tips for dark-skinned women that will help you achieve the stunning look you want.

Chubby Diaries

Here's a travel vlog that provides fun and exciting videos that will show you different places in the world, mouthwatering new foods, and effectual travel hacks.

Minority Nomad

Erick Prince is the genius behind Minority Nomad. He is a photographer, writer, philanthropist, and traveler. Wow, right? In his channel, you will see many amazing places in the world that he has been to. With 15.3K subscribers and 1.3 million views, his content must really be amazing!

Ten Ways to Wear It

If you are a fashion junkie, go ahead and subscribe to Ten Ways to Wear It. This fabulous channel provides inspiration and fashion tips for all sizes and ages that won't hurt your pocket. Check out the fashion hauls, styling, and home decor videos that they post a few times a week. This channel already has 12.6K subscribers and 811K views.

Nyma Tang

The ever stunning and beauty junkie Nyma Tang continues to give excellent makeup tips for black people with dark skin. If you are having trouble acing the makeup game, subscribe to her channel. Trust me, she's one of the best! Look at that huge number of subscribers! 1.19M? Absolutely great!

Massy Arias

Massy Arias already has 71.7K subscribers now with 279K views and she just joined YouTube in 2012. Fitness enthusiasts and those who want to start a fitness routine should follow her on YouTube to witness some easy-to-follow workout routines that can be done at home.

Jessica in the Kitchen

With 6,6K subscribers, viewers probably really love the recipes Jessica is sharing on her YouTube channel. Aside from delicious recipes, she also shares tips, tricks, and guides on how to cook with natural ingredients.

The Black Hokage

For the gamers out there, you should click the subscribe button on The Black Hokage's YouTube channel. He shares videos covering game reviews, commentaries on different things, and even troll videos. He also covers both small, indie, and blockbuster games.

Daily Davison

Of course, there are also many parent viewers on YouTube, so Daily Davidson should be on this list. Daily Davidson is a fun and adorable family of five that vlog about their every day lives. They do funny and interesting pranks and challenges.

Kera's LuvTechniques

Having trouble with your relationship? Hear Kera Butler's advice on marriage and dating. She is a certified relationship coach with 7.2 million views on YouTube.

Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook features budget-friendly but delicious and nutritious recipes and tips for people with an active lifestyle. So if you want to start your fitness routine, you better subscribe to his channel now.

Support these black YouTubers who are helping diversify pop culture and entertainment. Subscribe to their channels and watch their super awesome and helpful videos.

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