43 Unexpectedly Fantastic Haircuts for Women Over 70 That Look Exceptional

With age comes experience – and also hair issues.

As you grow older, so does your hair. Your hair will start thinning and decrease in volume. If you have long hair, it will become unmanageable. You will also need to brace yourself for hair loss. Moreover, your hair color begins to fade and turn gray. There’s one solution for all these problems: keep your hair short and simple. And, embrace your silver hair, ladies! There’s no woman more beautiful than one who ages gracefully.

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There are fantastic hairstyles for women over 70, which will make them look younger and brighter. The search for the right hairstyle should start with the consideration of the hair type and face shape. Once the parameters are set, the choice becomes much easier.

These styles are great since they usually make women look younger. However, there are some longer options to consider as well. Here are some different hairstyles we are offering here for women over 70 to help you make your choice.

1. Pixie with long bangs

If you don’t know which style to choose, go for a pixie. A pixie is a no-fail option, which will not only make you look younger but is easy to maintain and also looks great on any hair type. Experiment with bangs length.

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